I have over a decade of experience leading research and design across many domains including educational software, eCommerce, health and fitness, iOS and Android apps, and internal tools.

Since 2012 I’ve been at IAC where I work closely with product managers, designers, engineers, and marketers, interpreting stakeholder asks into objectives and research questions.

I hold a Masters of Science in Human Centered Design and Engineering from the University of Washington and a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design.

My Philosophy

No matter the domain, constraints, or stakeholder profile I rely on the same principles to guide my process:

  • Collaboration with stakeholders to translate their asks into study designs
  • Discipline when I’m scoping objectives
  • Curiosity when I’m writing research questions
  • Creativity when I’m selecting a research method
  • Rigor when I’m conducting the activities and analysis
  • Flexibility when reporting findings and recommendations

Evangelizing UX

A large part of my role is spreading the word across the organization through a newsletter and lunch-and-learn talks about how research can inform product strategy and UXR best practices with titles like, You can’t design a solution if you don’t understand the problem and Keeping yourself honest with user research.

Passion Projects

UX Survival Guide

The UX Survival Guide is a “missing manual” for new UXers. Created as an academic project at the University of Washington, this guide draws on insights from interviews with over 40 industry veterans, a comprehensive lit review, observations, and surveys to help prepare new UX professionals for the realities of their first year on the job.

UX researcher attempts to change a design
UX Survival Guide addresses challenges new UXers may not be ready for
Greenpoint Greenroof

While it may not have required any divs or floats, one of my proudest accomplishements is the green roof on top of our apartment building in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Working with good neighbor and better friend Greg Stare, we completed a Sisyphean feat of project management, politics and design in just 4 short years.

Satellite view of Brooklyn green roof


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